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Top 10 Pet’s To Own

So most of us have our own pets and our own opinions when it comes to top ten pets to own. Some of us prefer the low maintenance minimal responsibility gold fishes, where as some of us prefer the companionship of more demanding pets like horses. Taking all considerations into account here is Ten Hunt’s Picks for Top Ten Pet’s To Own.

#10 Birds: Birds are not the top choice for most pet owners, but most of us know someone with a bird. Chances are, that their experience with their pet bird has ultimately detoured you from ever wanting a bird of your own. Regardless of what type of bird it is, it is most likely noisy, very messy, and a pain in the ass to get back in cage if you ever let it out. Though We have seen some pretty well trained birds in our days, most of them require a lot of patience and a lot of maintenance. Unless you plan to build our bird an out-door cage, pick something else, your future self will appreciate it.

#9 Monkeys: In theory monkeys are one of the coolest pets you can possibly own, they can climb, hang on our shoulder and can probably learn some gnarly tricks. In reality they are loud, disobedient and have a natural tendency to want to throw their shit all over the place, including at you.¬†Though Aladin’s pet monkey Abu probably tempted us all to some day to get a monkey, its not advised. There is a reason they are not sold at your local Pet’s Mart.

#8 Lizards: Lizards are a fairly broad categorization and we understand all lizards can be very different, but overall we believe they deserve this spot, since pet lizards can be very cool to own. They are fairly low maintenance, don’t have too much of an odor, and many will tolerate being held. The only downside to lizards can be feeding them crickets. The crickets can be noisy, and sometimes can find there way outside of whatever container you keep them in. The lizards too can be little sneaky suckers so make sure you handle your lizards with care and don’t let them run wild in your home until you know they will return to you.

#7 Snakes: Though we are not personally fans ourselves here at Ten Hunt, we do realize that snakes can be good pets to own. Make sure you consult with your pet store associate before you buy a snake, so you know how big there going to get, and don’t end up with an anaconda. And make sure you can handle feeding them mice and rats (not something we want to do). Overall though we have heard snakes can be great pets for kids and adults alike, due to their willingness to be held and low maintenance habitats.

#6 Fish: Fish can be a great addition to any home or office. Aesthetically pleasing, fish offer great decor, and come in a lot of shapes and varieties. Though they are low maintenance for the most part, their tanks can be a pain to clean, especially the saltwater varieties. If your going to get a fish makes sure to start with a small tank, and then expand to larger 10+ gallons as you get comfortable with caring for your fish.

#5 Rats: Some of you may be surprised by this one, but rats are surprisingly great pets to own. Rats are fun to own because they are very playful and independent pets. You can enjoy them as the play in their cage or you can put them in a ball and have them run around the house in a rat ball (same as a hamster ball) or freely let them roam, just keep an eye on them. Rats are also one of the most cleanly rodents out there, meaning they are cleaner then they look. Though they have short life spans you will most certainly enjoy them while they are around.

#4 Horses: For most of us, horses are not a realistic animals to own, but for those more fortunate with the proper space requirements, horses can be one of the best pet’s to own. Horses offer a ton of personality and entertainment, and are obviously one of the only animals you can ride. For those who have horses they say there is no bond like it. Extremely intelligent animals, horses have the capacity to feel a wide range of emotions and will often times express these emotions in front of you. Though you might not ever get a chance to own a horse, you should definitely try to ride them at some point in your life.

#3 Chickens: Chickens are definitely making a come back in the current age and are being seen in more and more backyards across the United States. We believe this is due to people realizing how awesome chickens can be. Providing great entertainment for your backyard and offering you food (eggs, not the chicken itself, unless you like to eat your pets – jerk), chickens are the ultimate pets. Either build a coop or order one offline, and make sure to fence off a designated area for them, or they will destroy your backyard. Beyond that though there is very little maintenance besides throwing handful of food in their area from time-to-time.

#2 Cats: Some of you will definitely argue the #1 and #2 spots, but don’t, because your wrong. Cats are undoubtedly one of the best pets to own. Being one of the most independent pets on the list, they can also be one of the most entertaining, which is why they are such a sensation on youtube. They also all have a personality of their own and not two cats are the same. Unless cleaning out the liter box grosses you out then you can not go wrong with a cat.

#1 Dogs: There is a reason they call them man’s best friend. Dog’s have a special place in most American homes and households throughout the world. Being one of the easiest animals to train and one of the smartest animals on the list, dogs have many applications in the work force (K-9 cops, service animals, search and rescue etc..) and in the home. Easy to cuddle with, easy to feed, and easy exercise, there is simply no way you can’t love a dog…that is unless your a cat.

Thanks for checking out Ten Hunts Top Ten Pet’s To Own. Check out more Top Tens as we continue to drip em.




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