Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity 29 Nov

Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity

So not to be the bearer of bad news, but there are simply a few items that must be addressed. As you’ve probably noticed we like to bring you positive topics that can work towards making your life epic, but we must likewise provide you with some pertinent information that you should be aware of. So here they are…Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity.

#10) GMOs – Genetically modified organisms have received a lot of attention for the past few years, and for good reasons. Just as their name implies, these organisms have been genetically modified in some way, many times in their genetic sequence or through gene splicing to alter their very nature. Though the definition is broad and includes forms of breeding that are not natural in the wild, the real threat involves the former (gene splicing). Many leading scientist are working to help large corporations like Monsanto to produce specie varietals that are genetically resistant to the many natural threats they face in the wild. The most popular species that have been tampered with have been crops that are consumed in large quantities in the developed world such as corn, soy bean and many fruits. With GMOs, man has attempted to curb the natural threat of pests, weeds and other threatening species, but the whole project has really back-fired. Many of these GMO crops that have been modified to withstand excessive herbicide and pesticide spraying, are created by scientist who are actually putting the pesticide chemicals into the plants genetic sequence to make them immune (Roundup for example). So this means every time you ingest these GMO foods you are ingesting small amounts of chemicals with them. Though the effects of GMOs are not yet fully understood,, pure common sense should make us ask, who wants to ingest chemicals? Beyond human health, genetically modified crops additionally leads to increased run of pesticides and other chemicals, and have contributed to the evolution of new species that are resistant to these chemicals altogether (super weeds, crop spiders). Many large corporations are using the general population as a test group for GMOs since there safety is not yet known. Don’t be part of the test group and avoid GMOs at all costs.

Oh yeah, these companies (Monsanto) also own the rights to the GMO seeds, so that means you have to buy the seeds every time you want to plant them and can’t simply use the seeds from a previous plant. These companies  would love to make a GMO version of every plant on planet earth so that you would have to pay for every seed, without letting nature provide them to you for free. Lets not let mother nature be manipulated and attempted to be owned by these seed bank bullies.
#9) Capitalism – though this may seem odd to many, capitalism is one of our biggest nemesis yet. Supported by the notion that the free market creates incentives for people to produce innovative products and service for personal gains, which may be true. Capitalism is fundamentally flawed because of one easily recognizable reason, it must continue to accelerate. Yes accelerate, not maintain the same speed, but actually gradually increase that speed indefinitely. If the economy does not grow, and just maintains the same rate of production it will crumble. It must constantly consume at higher and higher rates in order to thrive. This means the government must put more money in the economy (contributing to inflation), and the economy must consume more raw materials (contributing to planetary degradation). If you were to use one analogy to explain capitalism it would be that of a runaway train that is going full steam off a cliff with little to no understanding of how to stop it.

#8) Military industrial complex – famed for its notorious warning by President Eisenhower, the military industrial complex is something we should all familiarize ourselves with. Born out of the late world war 2, the military industrial complex is a collusion of national armed forces, legislators, and the many military contractors that gain from war. Just as Eisenhower warned, the military industrial complex deserves scrutiny because it yields the potential to become almost uncontrollable (which is speculated to already be the case). With its uncontested authority and it’s off the books budget, it acts and performs as its own sovereign entity, waging and engaging in warfare. The real threat to humanity is how profitable war is to this war machine known as the military industrial complex.

#7 ) Factory farming – Factory farming is worth noting since it is one of the largest contributors to global warming and planetary degradation. Due to the volume of animals on these farms and the malpractice that is performed, factory farms yield enormous amounts of waste in the form of CO2 emissions, polluted water systems (animal fecises), and land required (fields of corn to feed them). Alone factory farming may be the single most threatening factor to the environment.

#6) FDA – The Food and Drug Administration holds a very peculiar position in our lives. They are granted supreme authority for decision making when it comes to food and drugs in the Unite States. They essentially call the shots on what is safe to be sold in the marketplace and what’s not, at least when it comes to food and drugs. Unfortunately though they have made some poor decisions in the past which have led the American population into harm. With the modern insurgence of pharmaceuticals into the marketplace, many people have been misled by the safety approval of the FDA to soon discover a recall and substantial health concerns. What makes this all too disturbing is the fast track that many pharmaceuticals can take to bring their products to market without undergoing extensive testing, leaving the greater population to be the test subjects. Pharmaceutical drugs are well on their way to being the most harmful factor in regards to the health of the country, ironically the opposite of what they were said to be used for.

#5) Biodiversity Loss – With land constantly being re-purposed for agriculture and development, many species are losing their homes, and the planet is losing many of these species. With the degradation of water systems, and environments, animals are facing extreme living conditions and struggling as a result. This loss of biodiversity in the plant and animal kingdom threatens us all. Biodiversity is a fragile thing and as it begins to change, it changes a lot of things with it.
#4) Fracking – Fracking has recently lost the publicity it deserves. Being one of the most confrontational topics of our times, fracking can single handily wipe out humanity if not controlled.The process of fracking involves using high pressure water and chemical solutions to break up the shale underground to release gas. Unfortunately though, the chemical solution used is so toxic that it cannot be release from the ground afterwards, so it must stay underground. This has led to a host of undesired consequences above ground, including vegetation loss, entire dead zones, and many people are concerned over the threat it may play on the water table and other unknown future consequences. Essentially we are injecting the earth with insanely volatile chemicals, which can ultimately only lead to undesirable consequences.

#3) Water Scarcity – Water scarcity is another undiscussed threat that is facing the entire world. With water tables dropping at unsustainable rates in places like California the future of water is becoming a huge concern. Additionally water sources are becoming contaminated by agricultural and industrial run-off, and fresh water is becoming far and few between. Many large corporations like Nestle are buying up water rights all across the world to prepare for a potentially huge demand for fresh water in the future.

#2) Patent Blocking – Most people are aware of the process of obtaining a patent for innovative ideas, in order to protect their ideas from other knock offs trying to profit from their ideas unknowingly. However few are familiar with the concept of patent blocking, where large conglomerate patent trolls will seek to acquire patents that could stifle competitors. A famous documentary titled, “Who Killed The Electric Car” details the attempts by Chevron to purchase up patents on electric vehicles to dismantle the threat they played in chevrons future as a leading gasoline provider. By pressing governments to change the law, ensuring companies actually use the patent or else they lose it, may help with this problem. Not allowing for large corporations to stifle breakthroughs in technologies because of the potential threat it may pose to their industry or business.
#1) The Federal Reserve – In our eyes this is the single largest threat to humanity. Though this deserves a thorough explanation I will simply state that having the United States government borrow money from a private bank for all of its currency which is then required to be paid back plus interests. Ultimately results in the U.S. government owing more money back to the federal reserve than it actually ever aquired in the first place. Eventually this leads to the us government being in debt to a private bank that it relies on to print its money. The reason that the government does not print its own money is beyond me and beyond the scope of what the media will ever want to cover. Allowing a private entity to print our money was famously warned to us by John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, and many other founding fathers. You have to understand this, to truly understand the global economic position we currently find our selves in.
Well that’s it for all the doom and gloom, but we hope you enjoyed getting educated on the Top 10 Biggest Threats To Humanity. Check in soon for something more uplifting!
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