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Top 10 best team building activities.

So we know being stuck at the office day in and day out with the same group of people can get a little suffocating, and contribute to productivity getting a little stifled. So break the norm and get you and your team out of the office and into new environments that promote team workout, allow for some fun, and help build some new relationships. You’re going to have a lot more respect for the new inter Tom when you realize he can bank a 3 pointer like Kobe, when the team needs him the most. Get out and realize the full potential of your team, and build some new relationships amongst the group, by booking one of TenHunts Top 10 Best Team Building Activities.

# 10) Limousine Excursion – So this can be stand alone event or better yet, part of any of the following events mentioned. Limo’s are a great way to get the group together, and feel like the winners you are. Drinking’s probably not prohibited during work hours, but turn up the music and stick your head out the sunroof, you party animals. Seeing your colleagues relax will only help to extinguish any built up tension that might have been fermenting in the office. Upgrade to a party bus and see your co-workers in a whole new light as you take turns showing off your dance pole moves. If your In Phoenix, check out me and the guys favorite limo and party bus company phxlimoservice.com

#9) Sporting Events – If you want to play it safe, sporting events can be an easy way to get the team together in a fun setting. As long as no one is taking the event too seriously, and making it stressful for others, sporting events will provide for a good time. If your the boss, splurge on box seats, and make everyone appreciate who they work for. 

#8) Obstacle Courses – There are plenty of obstacle courses these days to choose from if you want to physically push the team. Physical limitations may leave some of your co-workers resenting you, so keep that in mind, and make sure to not leave anyone behind. But besides that, obstacle courses are great way to promote leadership and teamwork as everyone navigates the course. You guys can always step it up a notch too and join one of the many annual obstacle course races and see how well your team fairs, the competition may promote some strengths amongst the group. Again, exercise is not for everyone, so keep that in mind.

#7) Frolfing – If you have not heard of frolfing then don’t worry. It’s kind of an obscure combination of golf and frisbee, but it works, and many people are crazed about it. Frolfing involves intermintent posts spread across a grass field that are essentially like the holes on a golf course. I can’t elaborate much more than that, because I’ve never played, but definitely have some friends who are obsessed. Catch some fresh air with the colleagues and enjoy some precision sports, someone in the office is sure to stand apart as the frolfing master, and have some boasting points for the office.

#6) Paintball – Paintball is an excellent team builder because of the team work that is involved to play. However it falls towards the bottom of the list, purely because it hurts so freaking much. As long as you have some tough players and good equipment paintball can be the best way to connect with your team, build comradery and take some well deserved shots at the boss. Not advisable for the crew at Starbucks, but if you guys are police officers, firefighters or some bad mother cluckers in your own right, then get out their and let it fly.

#5) Rock Climbing – Rock Climbing is always a great team builder, because it can potentially take people out their element, and makes them vulnerable to any fears. Fortunately, people who overcome their fears with others watching is exhilarating, and creates a rush of confidence. Keep the teasing to a minimum though, if you find out that tough guy in the group is afraid of heights, because that might do just the opposite of what the team builder was all about.

#4) Shooting Range – This may be a sensitive one for some people considering the heightened state of paranoia pertaining to guns. However it is a great way to shake up the normal routine and get people out of their element. You probably didn’t know Barb could handle the kickback of a colt 45, hows about that for respect points.

#3) Go Carts – This is one of the safest bets for a team builder. Chances are everybody in your team can drive, and most of them probably enjoy speeding from time to time. So why not let them see who’s got the heaviest foot and can handle the turns and berms of an indoor cart track. Lets see if Steve who drives the corvette really knows how to race when the playing field is equal.

#2) Bungee Jumping – Not for the faint of heart. But Bungee jumping can provide you with an event that everyone can possibly experience for the first time together.

#1) Indoor Skydiving – Indoor skydiving is the best of all worlds. It’s exhilarating, it’s safe, and you can all hold hands while doing it. Sure Brad has gone sky diving 4 times, but he can cool his ego while everyone experiences this version of skydiving for the first time. People will still have to overcome some fears, but everyone will grow stronger together and have a memory that will last a lifetime.

So there it is..Top 10 Best Team Building Activities. Hopefully we didn’t miss anything, and if we did, drop it down below in the comments. Hopefully these provide you with some good ideas for your groups next team builder. So you can get the group  Catch us again on TenHunts next Top 10!



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