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10 Best Productivity Habits

Most of what we are about to share with are secrets, and in fact you’ve probably heard or read most of these many times in your life. They say however you need to hear something 7 times before you really hear it. So for some of you reading this, I hope it’s your seventh time hearing some of these strategies and you actually put them to work. If followed regularly, these 10 things could dramatically improve the productivity of your day. (Especially number 10!)

  1. Wake Up Early – This is a no-brainer, but if you’re not applying it, how much of a no-brainer is it? There are some of you who are night owls, so if thats you, the goal would be to be productive at night and don’t just watch youtube videos endlessly.
  2. Drink A lot of Water – Most people don’t realize it but water is naturally energizing, and if you drink it regularly you will have natural energy that wont leave you crashing like red bulls. We could elaborate on this by saying don’t drink too much caffeine as well, because caffeine dehydrates you, and reduces your bodies natural energy stores.
  3. Eat healthy – Again most of you have heard this, but are you applying it everyday? Healthy diets lead to more energy, focus, stamina, and happiness, and who doesn’t want all of that?
  4. Exercise – Exercise alone has ton of great benefits like releasing serotonin, regulating blood pressure, and helping to maintain a good looking body. But when coupled with the previous 2 habits, you get synergistic effects that will undeniably result in you living a more productive and fulfilled life. You will hear it all your life and it is one of the most well known truths, good diet+water+exercise=feeling bloody awesome.
  5. Stay Alkaline – Keeping your body alkaline will not only keep your body health and dramatically reduce the chance of disease, but it will also keep you feeling energized and focused. Get in the habit of adding lemon to your water to help increase your alkalinity.
  6. Set Goals – “What’s important now” (WIN). By knowing what is important in any given moment you can stay productive towards tasks you want to get done, and not blown around by other tasks that arise throughout your day.
  7. Start With Your Biggest Task – Don’t procrastinate the important things in your day, and take it head on at the beginning of the day when you have the most energy, and time to complete it. By letting time pass you psych yourself out, and lose daylight to complete the task.
  8. Envision Success – Many have heard of the book Think and Grow Rich, and other books of that sort, and for good reason, because it works. Envisioning success is the first step in achieving it, and if you can not envision things going right, then you dramatically reduce the ability for it to happen. You will fill yourself with confidence on a day to day basis by envisioning the success of upcoming events.
  9. Meditate – This is so highly undervalued in our western culture. We constantly move from one thing to the next without grounding ourself in the moment. By grounding yourself in the moment, and taking all thoughts out of your mind, you can act and react in a much clearer manner. Practice meditating 10 minutes a day by removing everything from your mind in those ten minutes. It will be tough at first, but remember, it is a practice.
  10. Smile – When you smile, others smile. When everyone smiles a lot more stuff gets done. Upbeat happy people are the single most productive factor of a company. And if you can contribute to everyone else being happy by just smiling, then you might have discovered the single most effective and easy way to boost productivity.

Happy hunting!


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