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Top 10 Kendama Companies

So if you have no idea what a kendama is, then your welcome. Because kendamas might single handedly be the best toys on the market today, and I’m not just talking about toys for kids. Kendamas are skill toys that originated out of Japan and have recently made a huge splash here in the U.S. market, because they are down right addicting. With infinite trick variations, the kendama offers timeless fun, and does not require batteries or any type of special care. The kendama simply consists of a wooden ball called the “tama” connected to a wooden cross called the “ken.”

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Its simple design allows it to be carried almost anywhere and makes it quite durable. Simply put, the kendama will provide the most entertainment for the lowest cost, relative to any other form of entertainment on the market. It demands such a high amount of focus to master that you can simply not get bored of it. Enhancing the users eye-hand coordination and patience, makes it a great gift for someone else or yourself. Be patient however, because it does take discipline to get the hang of playing a kendama, but after a while you will start to understand what all the hype is about. So when deciding to buy a kendama, let us give you some things to consider and break down our Top 10 Best Kendama Companies. Every company has their own approach to designing kendamas and offers different shape and color schemes they like to use, so we’ll touch on a coupe of those points for each company.

#10 Duncan: Most of us are familiar with this name due to its reputation with yo-yo making, but the former yo-yo company has broken out into the kendama market. The large yo-yo company does not make the most balanced kendamas, but they do make them widely available. Now sold in the large retailers like Target and Walmart, the Duncan kendamas are a great beginner kendama, but lack the of detail and precision that the intermediate and advance players seeks in a kendama.

#9 Kaleb Kendama: Not the biggest company, but a popular company that shows up online. The kendamas are mainly shipped from China but they are still a good buy for beginner and intermediate players.

#8 Kendama CO: Using primarily the shenzu model, Kendama Colorado offers a great selection of kendamas for all levels of players.

#7 SUNRISE: This company is close to the roots of the kendama culture, and seeks to make positive inputs into the industry. Making high quality, durable kendamas that are BKA (British Kendama Association) certified, these kendamas are great for any level player.

#6 KROM: Offering a signature carrying case that is becoming quite popular, this brand has really developed a style of its own. With a unique feel, due to its rubber wood, the KROM kendamas have a loyal following, and a growing presence.

#5 Sourmash: Sold by many of the big companies, these kendamas offer a unique paint mix giving the tama an enhanced stickiness for tricks.

#4 Gloken: One of the original companies Gloken offers some of the highest quality kendamas, and their prices reflect that. Definitely for the advance players and collectors.

#3 Terra Kendama: Offering some of the highest quality kendamas, theses are certainly for the advance players and the collectors. Using an assortment of exotic woods, there is nothing that looks or feels like a Terra Kendama. Also the creator of the popular “pill.”

#2 Sweets: This Minnesota based company originated right in the heart of where kendama culture is currently the strongest. Sweets sets themselves apart by being one of the only companies to paint their tamas in-house locally here in the United States. They offer a wicked assortment of designs and patterns, making them one of the most ascetically pleasing kendama companies on the market.

#1 Kendama USA: Being credited with helping to bring kendamas to the US, hence the name. Kendama USA is a leader in the industry and a household name for those who are active in the kendama scene. Their website allows you to order most kendama models, making it the amazon of kendama shopping. Kendama USA also has a pro team that alone has made kendama widely popular to the youth. Dominating the world kendama competitions, Kendama USA will surely be a company that is around for a while.

We recognize everyone ones opinion varies, but that is our break down for Ten Best Kendama Companies.

If you were to ask us what our favorite kendama was period, this would be it.
Kendama USA – Kaizen Padauk Wood – Silk Matte – Mint


We’ll see you on the ext Ten Hunt Top 10.

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