improve-the-value-of your home 16 Apr

10 Best Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home

A home is a great investment for families and investors a like, and there are many great ways to improve upon your homes value for future resell. Though you may not be able to afford all of these, it is wise to pick at least one or two to really improve the resell value of your home.

10) Solar Panels – Most people don’t think of this but solar panels are a great way to increase the value of your home. On average a 5kw solar system will increase the value of your home by $20,000 to $25,000. Check your states current incentives with solar power because it really changes the size of the investment needed to get the panels, and the taxes you will pay on your increased property value.

9) Pool Remodel – Remodeling your pool is another great way to increase the value of your home. You’ll enjoy the aesthetics of your newly designed pool and the great ROI when you resell. Just ensure that you are making changes that the next homeowner will find value in. Consult with a local pool remodel company in your area to get a better idea of what changes will offer the best ROI. Read More

productivity 10 Apr

10 Best Productivity Habits

Most of what we are about to share with are secrets, and in fact you’ve probably heard or read most of these many times in your life. They say however you need to hear something 7 times before you really hear it. So for some of you reading this, I hope it’s your seventh time hearing some of these strategies and you actually put them to work. If followed regularly, these 10 things could dramatically improve the productivity of your day. (Especially number 10!) Read More

10 best team building activities 1 Dec

Top 10 best team building activities.

So we know being stuck at the office day in and day out with the same group of people can get a little suffocating, and contribute to productivity getting a little stifled. So break the norm and get you and your team out of the office and into new environments that promote team workout, allow for some fun, and help build some new relationships. You’re going to have a lot more respect for the new inter Tom when you realize he can bank a 3 pointer like Kobe, when the team needs him the most. Get out and realize the full potential of your team, and build some new relationships amongst the group, by booking one of TenHunts Top 10 Best Team Building Activities.

# 10) Limousine Excursion – So this can be stand alone event or better yet, part of any of the following events mentioned. Limo’s are a great way to get the group together, and feel like the winners you are. Drinking’s probably not prohibited during work hours, but turn up the music and stick your head out the sunroof, you party animals. Seeing your colleagues relax will only help to extinguish any built up tension that might have been fermenting in the office. Upgrade to a party bus and see your co-workers in a whole new light as you take turns showing off your dance pole moves. If your In Phoenix, check out me and the guys favorite limo and party bus company

#9) Sporting Events – If you want to play it safe, sporting events can be an easy way to get the team together in a fun setting. As long as no one is taking the event too seriously, and making it stressful for others, sporting events will provide for a good time. If your the boss, splurge on box seats, and make everyone appreciate who they work for.  Read More

Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity 29 Nov

Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity

So not to be the bearer of bad news, but there are simply a few items that must be addressed. As you’ve probably noticed we like to bring you positive topics that can work towards making your life epic, but we must likewise provide you with some pertinent information that you should be aware of. So here they are…Top 10 Biggest Threats Against Humanity.

#10) GMOs – Genetically modified organisms have received a lot of attention for the past few years, and for good reasons. Just as their name implies, these organisms have been genetically modified in some way, many times in their genetic sequence or through gene splicing to alter their very nature. Though the definition is broad and includes forms of breeding that are not natural in the wild, the real threat involves the former (gene splicing). Many leading scientist are working to help large corporations like Monsanto to produce specie varietals that are genetically resistant to the many natural threats they face in the wild. The most popular species that have been tampered with have been crops that are consumed in large quantities in the developed world such as corn, soy bean and many fruits. With GMOs, man has attempted to curb the natural threat of pests, weeds and other threatening species, but the whole project has really back-fired. Many of these GMO crops that have been modified to withstand excessive herbicide and pesticide spraying, are created by scientist who are actually putting the pesticide chemicals into the plants genetic sequence to make them immune (Roundup for example). So this means every time you ingest these GMO foods you are ingesting small amounts of chemicals with them. Though the effects of GMOs are not yet fully understood,, pure common sense should make us ask, who wants to ingest chemicals? Beyond human health, genetically modified crops additionally leads to increased run of pesticides and other chemicals, and have contributed to the evolution of new species that are resistant to these chemicals altogether (super weeds, crop spiders). Many large corporations are using the general population as a test group for GMOs since there safety is not yet known. Don’t be part of the test group and avoid GMOs at all costs.

Read More

best kendama to buy 13 Nov

Top 10 Kendama Companies

So if you have no idea what a kendama is, then your welcome. Because kendamas might single handedly be the best toys on the market today, and I’m not just talking about toys for kids. Kendamas are skill toys that originated out of Japan and have recently made a huge splash here in the U.S. market, because they are down right addicting. With infinite trick variations, the kendama offers timeless fun, and does not require batteries or any type of special care. The kendama simply consists of a wooden ball called the “tama” connected to a wooden cross called the “ken.”

best kendama

Its simple design allows it to be carried almost anywhere and makes it quite durable. Simply put, the kendama will provide the most entertainment for the lowest cost, relative to any other form of entertainment on the market. It demands such a high amount of focus to master that you can simply not get bored of it. Enhancing the users eye-hand coordination and patience, makes it a great gift for someone else or yourself. Be patient however, because it does take discipline to get the hang of playing a kendama, but after a while you will start to understand what all the hype is about. So when deciding to buy a kendama, let us give you some things to consider and break down our Top 10 Best Kendama Companies. Every company has their own approach to designing kendamas and offers different shape and color schemes they like to use, so we’ll touch on a coupe of those points for each company. Read More

TenHunt-Top-Ten-Pets-To-Own 11 Nov

Top 10 Pet’s To Own

So most of us have our own pets and our own opinions when it comes to top ten pets to own. Some of us prefer the low maintenance minimal responsibility gold fishes, where as some of us prefer the companionship of more demanding pets like horses. Taking all considerations into account here is Ten Hunt’s Picks for Top Ten Pet’s To Own.

#10 Birds: Birds are not the top choice for most pet owners, but most of us know someone with a bird. Chances are, that their experience with their pet bird has ultimately detoured you from ever wanting a bird of your own. Regardless of what type of bird it is, it is most likely noisy, very messy, and a pain in the ass to get back in cage if you ever let it out. Though We have seen some pretty well trained birds in our days, most of them require a lot of patience and a lot of maintenance. Unless you plan to build our bird an out-door cage, pick something else, your future self will appreciate it.

#9 Monkeys: In theory monkeys are one of the coolest pets you can possibly own, they can climb, hang on our shoulder and can probably learn some gnarly tricks. In reality they are loud, disobedient and have a natural tendency to want to throw their shit all over the place, including at you. Though Aladin’s pet monkey Abu probably tempted us all to some day to get a monkey, its not advised. There is a reason they are not sold at your local Pet’s Mart. Read More

5 Nov

Numero Uno!

So don’t bust my balls for not bringing you a top ten pick this round. It’s the first post for crying out loud. Let us take a couple practice swings before we really knock this thing out of the park. Stay tuned… TenHunt.